Hill Country Depressed Cake Shops Raise Awareness for Mental Health

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Did you know that since 1949, Mental Health Awareness Month (also known as “Mental Health Month”) has been observed here in the United States? In the Lone Star State, several Central Texas bakeries have joined a creative movement called the Depressed Cake Shops, lending their special brand of talents and creativity to the effort of increasing awareness and encouraging mental health conversations nationwide.

Referred to as Depressed Cake Shops, the movement consists of bakeries that create goods which are both fun and delicious—helping to generate mental health discussions. Through their elements of gray (the representative color of the issue), in addition to other colors that reflect hope and healing, the sale of these baked goodies benefits the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). The NAMI Central Texas chapter (formerly NAMI Austin), through the assistance of several Texas Hill Country bakeries, hopes to generate increased conversations around mental health and awareness over the course of the month.

Hill Country Depressed Cake Shops Raise Awareness for Mental Health

Photo: Facebook/Skull & Cakebones

Skull & Cakebones, a vegan craft bakery located at 3991 E. Hwy. 290 in Dripping Springs, is one of the Depressed Cake Shops that’s going all out this year. They’re including not only the sale of participatory baked goods but also hosting free community mental health workshops and even yoga classes over the course of Mental Health Month. We’ve heard of yoga with goats, and something called Rage Yoga, but yoga in a bakery sounds more like our cup of tea… and maybe a doughnut to dip in it!

Hill Country Depressed Cake Shops Raise Awareness for Mental Health

Facebook/Depressed Cake Shop

With a goal to provide support, resources, and to make a safe space for mental health conversations and awareness, Skull & Cakebones has morphed into one of the Depressed Cake Shops with a full schedule of events that can be found at the link available here. The core topics will include grief, loss, and trauma, mindfulness, relationships, anxiety, and depression. This locally sourced bakery will have customers “om-” ing their way through the tools and strategies designed for coping with and effectively managing the issues that have touched everyone in some way, shape, or form. Understanding the issues and moving through hope toward management and care is the end goal of these events and discussion topics.

Skull & Cakebones co-owner Sascha Biesi is a spokesperson for the movement and is helping NAMI Central Texas change the conversation around mental illness.  Their all-natural products incorporate local flavors, and they’re vegan and non-GMO. So what better way to participate in Mental Health Month than the consumption of health-conscious baked goods that are designed to create awareness? Their mantra is, “If we won’t feed it to our kids, we won’t feed it to you,” which, coincidentally, is something transferrable to mental health and awareness. Getting your kids in on the conversation is a step worth taking. And it makes good sense to provide the information at an early age that helps them to process what’s going on around them as well as inside them. For a complete list of participating Texas Hill Country bakeries in this year’s Mental Health Month and the Depressed Cake Shops initiative, visit the link available here.