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DFW Airport Receives Special Carrier for Fallen Soldiers

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In order to given fallen soldiers an appropriate final salute, the DFW Airport recently acquired a special carrier donned in red, white, and blue with the emblem of each branch of the military proudly displayed on the outside. This cart will be used to respectfully transfer the bodies of soldiers through any airline at the DFW airport.

Texans have Alaska Airlines to thank for the special cart. WBAP writes that Alaska Airlines began making the carts after they noticed that soldiers’ bodies were being treated like regular cargo. DFW was proud to receive the eighth cart produced in the United States.

The cart was driven all of the way from Seattle as a personal mission from driver Jim Rea. “This trip was especially important for me because my father’s a World War II vet and he passed away in March and his burial flag is in that cart. So on this trip, I was driving the whole way,” Rea told CW 33. He says that he felt support from Americans across the states as they waved flags and respected law enforcement escorts through traffic.

When the cart drove into DFW Airport, it was surrounded by over 100 Patriot Guard Motorcycle Riders.