Dia de los Muertos Recipes to Pin

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The Day of the Dead, also known as Dia de los Muertos, is a multiday holiday that celebrates life with food and festivities. As a holiday that infused Aztec and Spanish cultures, today, it occasionally combines American fall traditions with the event. But, don’t confuse this with a Latino version of Halloween.  Day of the Dead stands alone as a unique celebration in the Mexican community. As a day to celebrate life, food is an important staple. Prepare or pin for later these Dia de los Muertos recipes for your next celebration.

1. Pumpkin Pie Tamales

Dia de los Muertos recipes pumpkin pie tamales

Photo: Pinterest/Thyme & Love

Many recipes require time, but this one for pumpkin pie tamales comes from Thyme & Love. Tamales are a staple at the holidays in many homes, and by combining fall flavors many Americans love with a dish found in many Latino cultures, you produce a means to introduce people to Dia de los Muertos recipes and other aspects of the holiday without making them feel uneasy. Whether you celebrate Day of the Dead or not, these tamales taste delicious and are worth the effort.

2. Day of the Dead Marshmallow Sugar Skull Pops

Sugar skull marshmallows

Photo: Pinterest/

Though sugar skulls are highly popular during Dia de los Muertos, they can require a little skill to make. Try this recipe from for kids that replicates sugar skulls without the tedious work required. Kids decorate giant marshmallows to resemble the skulls, which brings all the fun of sugar skulls without the effort. Try this at a celebration with kids to introduce them to a new culture.

3. Pan de Muerto

Pan de muerto dia de los muertos recipes

Photo: Pinterest/Dionne Baldwin

Among the traditional Dia de los Muertos recipes, pan de muerto is perhaps the most well-known. This bread of the dead tastes delicious for those living. Typically, this loaf is brought to a cemetery or put on an alter to a deceased loved one. It’s a raised yeast bread flavored with orange and anise, but many families have their own versions, changing ingredients and the shape of the loaf. This one from Dionne Baldwin of Try Anything Once, shapes the bread into a round with a pair of dough sticks on top to represent bones. This is a must-prepare recipe for Day of the Dead, no matter where you are.

4. Dia de los Muertos Confetti Mini Cakes

Dia de los Muertos Recipes Mini Confetti Cakes

Photo: Pinterest/Courtney O’Dell

Combine a piñata with a cake by following these instructions from Courtney O’Dell of Sweet C’s Designs. These Dia de los Muertos mini cakes hide a pocket of sprinkles and candy, waiting for someone to bite into the cake and discover the treat inside. The cakes themselves resemble sugar skulls so popular during the holiday. Pin this recipe for an amazing treat everyone will love.

5. Dia de los Muertos Hummus Dip

Hummus dip for Day of the Dead

Photo: Pinterest/Fork & Beans

Hummus for Day of the Dead? Why not? It’s another means of combining cultural traditions. Hummus is a healthy dip everyone loves at parties, and the sugar skull design comes from Day of the Dead celebrations. Try this recipe from Fork & Beans for an allergy-free dish everyone can enjoy that is healthier than the other Dia de los Muertos recipes for sweet sugar skulls and other treats. It’s festive and healthy. What’s not to love about it?