Snack on DiAne’s Texas Style Pimento Cheese

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Tony Maples Photography


Photos by DiAne Gates

Pimento cheese was never my favorite when I was a kid. Mama drowned the cheese and pimentos in mayo—what’s to like? But when I was the mama, I changed the format of the dreaded PC and my kids still didn’t like it. I think it’s just a kid-thingy. This is Pimento Cheese, “Texas Style”.

Warning all of you Chicken Fried Steak folks, this is different pimento cheese than what your mama made, too. And wait ‘til you see what we do with the left-overs, if there are any. Might want to make a double batch just to be sure.

DiAne’s Pimento Cheese

DiAne’s Pimento Cheese


1 – 8 oz. package of shredded, sharp cheddar cheese
1 small jar of stuffed Spanish olives, drained and chopped
1 small jar of pimentos, drained and chopped
2/3 cup of walnuts, chopped
Two quick shakes of red pepper flakes
½ teaspoon salt and pepper
½ to 2/3 cup of mayonnaise


Blend all ingredients and refrigerate. Great for a salad trio or a good old fashion pimento cheese sandwich with a tingle to your taste buds.