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Dickie’s Gives Big Tex a Stylish New Outfit for the 2019 State Fair of Texas

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Dickie’s is giving Big Tex, everyone’s favorite giant cowboy and State Fair of Texas mascot, a brand new outfit for this year’s fair. His new wardrobe, specially crafted by Dickie’s, will be unveiled by the State Fair of Texas September 20. Just in time for the 2019 State Fair of Texas that opens September 27.

As the main greeter and the best-known face of the State Fair of Texas, Big Tex receives a new outfit every few years. After all, Big Tex stands outdoors for four weeks each year—through sun, rain, and strong winds. While Big Tex’s Dickies outfit is made of durable, wind and flame-resistant material, the outdoor elements can be harsh. So the friendly cowboy requires an outfit change at least every three years.

Dickies Proudly Sponsors Big Tex Wardrobe

Dickie's Gives Big Tex a Stylish New Outfit for the 2019 State Fair of Texas

Photo: State Fair of Texas

Dickies has served proudly as the apparel sponsor for Big Tex for 22 years and counting. Designers, pattern makers, and sewing experts work at the Dickies Fort Worth HQ for nine long months in order to create a stylish new look for this giant Texan. After that, it takes another two weeks to finish sewing Big Tex’s shirt and pants.

Jennifer Schuder is the Senior Vice President of Marketing for the State Fair of Texas. Schuder noted that the fair is excited to build on their longstanding relationship with Dickies to unveil yet another spectacular Texas-sized outfit. This year’s Fair theme is Celebrating Texas Creativity, and Big Tex’s outfit is in keeping with that theme, since it showcases the handiwork of artists who stitched his new duds in North Texas.

Dickie’s Authentic Western Wear

Dickie's Gives Big Tex a Stylish New Outfit for the 2019 State Fair of Texas

Photo: Dickie’s and State Fair of Texas

The 55-foot-tall cowboy will show off his authentic Texas style. The brand-new, custom-made shirt and pants were inspired by western wear sported by Texans throughout the decades. The double point, two-toned, scalloped front yoke extends dramatically down the center. It’s reminiscent of those classic western shirts from the ’40s-’50s.

The ‘shotgun’ cuffs tip their hat to the ’30s, and the ‘smile’ pockets with clover embroidered details add retro western charm. Dickies also incorporated stripes as a nod to the company’s workwear heritage. The hickory stripe fabrication (popular on Dickies bib overalls) is used for the upper yoke on the front and back.

The denim for Big Tex is modeled after Dickies’ X-Series line of jeans, which anyone can purchase on But Big Tex’s pair is created out of flame-resistant material following the demise of the old Big Tex due to an accident.

Big Tex Watches Over Big Tex Circle

Dickie's Gives Big Tex a Stylish New Outfit for the 2019 State Fair of Texas

Photo: Facebook/Big Tex

Jason Prior is the Senior Director of Brand and Retail Marketing for Dickies. He noted that much like Big Tex himself, Dickies is deeply rooted in the Lone Star State. The company has been based out of Fort Worth since 1922. 2019 is their 22nd year to dress the hardest-working cowboy in Texas. Dressed in his new wardrobe, Big Tex returns to his post at Big Tex Circle in Fair Park on September 20. He stands tall, ready to welcome everyone to the 2019 State Fair of Texas September 27-October 20.