Dickinson Dog Left in Shelter For Five Years Finally Gets a Home

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“WE HAVE A VERY SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT,” The Forgotten Pet Advocates excitedly wrote in all caps on their Facebook page. The Dickinson, Texas based organization finally found a home for Tallulah, a dog that lived in the shelter for five long years before being relocated to a permanent home.

ABC 13 covered Tallulah’s heartbreaking story of alleged abuse and overuse of breeding that left the pit bull mix very distressed. (The person who discovered her even saw her owner running after her with a baseball bat.) From that news story, the applications to adopt the dog started coming in. The Forgotten Pet Advocates take their matching process very seriously, especially for a tough case like Tallulah’s. After pouring over the apps, they contacted a man to have him come by to see her.

“After they first met, it was then confirmed, they were perfect for each other. She showed him so much affection, he even got a kiss!” they wrote on their Facebook page. They concluded their post with a message to Tallulah, “May all your dreams become reality – Never look back, Sweetheart, never look back.” Followed by a triumphant cheer of a good deed, “TALLULAH HAS LEFT THE BUILDING – ADOPTED 12-20-2016 !!!!!!!!!!!!!”