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Texas Doctor Dies While Hiking Through the Grand Canyon

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Dr. Sarah Beadle, 38, was knowledgeable about hiking and the outdoors, and she had hiked in the Grand Canyon previously. But sadly, her recent trip to the national park turned deadly when she was overcome by the extreme heat and lack of water.

The Texas doctor died along the South Kaibab Trail less than a mile away from the Phantom Ranch lodge. She had left her daughter and nephew (ages 10 and 11) in a safe place to go look for help and water, but park officials theorize that she got turned around and disoriented and was unable find assistance in time. The children were later found perfectly safe.

Beadle worked in the ER at Baylor Emergency Medical Center in Keller, Texas. CNN quotes spokesman Richard Bonnin as saying, “She was tough on the outside, but with a heart that was soft and warm. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the family during this difficult time.”

The Grand Canyon has been known to claim many lives. In 2015, City Lab wrote that around 12 people pass away at the Grand Canyon each year due to loosing one’s balance near an edge, complications from the heat or cold along the trails, suicides, and even small planes crashing into the land.