This New Soup is Kind of a Big ‘Dill’

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There’s potato soup, and beer cheese soup (thank you Wisconsin) and now we have the blessing of dill pickle soup to keep us warm and toasty this winter! At least that’s what Noble Pig has determined with the posting of this delicious (if you like dill pickles) warm soup recipe.

The posting of the Facebook video has gone viral, if not out of interest for the recipe, simply out of curiosity. With twenty-two thousand likes or reactions and more than three hundred thousand shares, it’s proven popularity has been a boon for their page.

The standard warm winter soup ingredients apply: potatoes, chicken broth, flour and sour cream. But dill pickle lovers rejoiced (it seems) to see their beloved crudité (if you will) and its juice play the starring role in the recipe. It may be an acquired taste, but with this many online readers sharing the recipe, someone out there is smacking their lips!