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Person in Dinosaur Costume Spooks Carriage Horses, Later Turns Themselves In

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Perhaps those inflatable t-rex costumes are best kept for Halloween or dance events, not for a stroll downtown. In Charleston, police say a person wearing one of the infamous t-rex suits growled at horses leading a carriage full of 16 passengers. According to Post and Courier, the horses were spooked and backed up suddenly, causing one horse to fall and the carriage to hit a parked car. The carriage driver fell off and was taken to the hospital for minor injuries. The horse that fell, Yogi, had a few cuts, but quickly recovered. His companion, Boo Boo, was alarmed but physically okay.

The event caused quite a stir, and a PR representative from the carriage company even said they were concerned that the scare was an intentional tactic from animal rights activists. On the contrary, the local Animal Society publicly condemned the person behind the costume for their actions.

Providing a different viewpoint, a couple at a nearby restaurant who witnessed the event said they saw the t-rex and the horses completely freeze when they spotted one another. They believe the whole event was a harmless mistake. Others say they clearly heard growling, believing that the person was trying to upset the horses.

ABC 13 reports that the carriage driver tried to warn the inflatable t-rex that they were spooking the horses, but they continued their behavior. The woman behind the costume turned herself into police.