Boogie Down to Disco Version of The Yellow Rose of Texas [VIDEO]

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Few Texans are unfamiliar with the Civil War-era tune “The Yellow Rose of Texas,” however, who would have guessed that a disco version of the historical song existed?

The first version of the song appeared in a songbook published in Philadelphia associated with William Pearce Christy founder of Christy’s Minstrels. Christy’s Minstrels was a “blackface minstrel show…and like most minstrel songs, the lyrics were written in a cross between the dialect historically spoken by African-Americans and standard American English.”

The yellow rose of Texas referred to a biracial woman that had come to Texas as an indentured servant, was supposedly captured by the Mexican army, and managed to deceive the Mexican army so successfully that victory for Texas in the Battle of San Jacinto was assured. Possessed of beauty, sophistication, and intelligence, she won the hearts of men easily and inspired the song.

Though the song’s lyrics were updated through the years to reflect the changing times, the author of the song probably never thought that a disco version of the wartime ditty would be created. So lace up your boogie shoes, grab a few friends, and shake your groove thang to a fun version of this classic song by Joel Diamond.

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