Disney Inspired Ratatouille – Remy’s Way

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Have you ever sent a text to your family with this message, “Thanksgiving is just around the corner, therefore it is time to start planning for it. Thanksgiving isn’t Thanksgiving without_______________?” Did you immediately get a reply like “FAMILY” “Turkey” “Football”!  And then maybe other texts start flowing in. “Pink Stuff and Rolls!” “Green Bean Casserole.” “Cowboys football!” (of course football!) “Ratatouille!” “Make your ratatouille again, Mom, it was awesome!” “Oh! I forgot about the ratatouille!” “Yes please make the super fancy ratatouille again like you did last year. Like Remy’s ratatouille.”  Maybe just a bit of panic sets in.

“Like Remy’s ratatouille”, okay, got it. Consequently, if you are a parent you know what that means. Furthermore, if you have seen the Disney movie, like a hundred times, you understand the reference. First of all, you have to remember that scene where the mean food critic, Anton Ego, sits down all mighty in his food critic nastiness ready to ruin another restaurant.  The chefs are frantic with what to serve him.  Then Remy decides to serve him ratatouille. Hence the following look on Anton Ego’s face, after his first bite, of utter surprise and joy.

The flashback to his childhood of skinned knees and then his mother makes him a simple country dish, a peasants dish, the dish that made everything better. Seriously, who wouldn’t want to make that dish!  It will become a seasonal favorite in your house for Thanksgiving or whenever the weather turns a bit cooler.

This Fall recipe is fairly easy to make, is so colorful and fresh, and therefore, can be a hit in any house. The “easy way” is just using a simple sauté pan and chopping it all up, however, the “Remy way”, takes a bit longer in the preparation. Never the less, the presentation and end result are so worth the little bit of extra effort, you won’t mind making it. You can serve this recipe the “easy way” with pasta or add meat and make a hearty stew. Or you could spoil your family just a bit and make it  “Remy’s Way.”

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