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Disney World Closed for a Historic 5th Time Due to Irma

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While preparing for Irma, Disney made the announcement that they would close their parks early on Saturday, September 9 and then remain closed through Monday, September 11, 2017. WFAA reports that this is only the fifth time in Disney history (since 1971) that they’ve completely shut down, all due to incoming hurricanes.

Even news like a historic closure didn’t stop some vacationers in moving forward with their plans to visit the happiest place on earth. WISN 12 News reported that a family of seven headed to Orlando right before Irma hit, refusing to change their 10-day vacation schedule. The family cited that many people evacuate to Disney hotel properties since the resort isn’t very close to the coast, and Disney is known to be relatively safe.

Luckily for the Milwaukee family and Disney employees and fans, USA Today reports that the parks only received minor damages from the storm due to Irma’s path and decreased wind speeds by the time it reached Orlando. Also, because Disney architects knew that Orlando is always at risk of being hit by a hurricane, they built sturdy hurricane-proof structures, including Cinderella’s castle. According to AMagicProduction, the castle was built to “easily withstand 110 mph winds.”

Disney reopened today, September 12, 2017.