Diving Dog Catches Live Lobster Right Off Ocean Floor

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Dog hunting lobster from boat!

Okay, I’ll admit it now. We at LOVE animal videos. Whether they’re funny, clumsy, cute, cuddly, intelligent, brave, or talented… we just can’t get enough! And, with that said, we love sharing them with our fans. We hope you feel the same way!

In this particular video, the dog’s owner trained his black lab Lila how to dive off of a boat underwater and catch a lobster. He goes on to say that one day while they were out free diving, he had the idea of trying to get Lila to catch a live lobster. Sure enough, she caught a lobster on her first try, and the rest was history.

Lila is one smart canine pal, and the owner is pretty clever as well. He (and Lila) have a lot of followers on YouTube, and we see why. So, check out his profile to see more dogs diving, lobster videos, and great ocean footage.