DIY Barn Door Hardware Kits are on Amazon & Folks Can’t Get Enough

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Barn doors have become the pièce de résistance that every country-style home décor fanatic wants. If you’ve ever watched an episode of “Fixer Upper” or have a Joanna Gaines fan club card (no, there isn’t such a thing), you’ve probably dreamed about having one of your own one day. Well, if you’re not exactly creative or handy, you’ll be happy to know that Amazon has come to your rescue with a DIY barn door hardware kit for the home décor impaired.

Coming complete with all the necessary hardware (but not the door itself), this kit helps those who would normally have to make a list of the requirements and source each piece at their local home building store or farm supply outlet. Amazon’s DIY barn door hardware kits help shoppers realize the dream of the exact look they’ve been longing for in an easy, one-click purchase. It’ll have your home decked out in true Texas style in no time! The kits range in size from five through 13-foot doors, at price-points from $60 – $170. They include everything you need to install a new or vintage barn door like a pro, such as supporting rail or rails, rail hardware, hangers, door stops, and a floor guide.

DIY Barn Door Hardware Kits are on Amazon & Folks Can’t Get Enough

Photo: Facebook/Industrial By Design

The kit, made by Industrial By Design, together with a step-by-step video on Amazon, takes you through the installation process up to the door being slid into place. There are more than 600 positive reviews on the site, identifying their love of the kits, with the majority giving them five-star ratings. Although the installation of barn doors within your home will require more than one person, the effect and the ease with which they slide make them an absolute pleasure according to reviewers. If you love the look but have dreaded the idea of shopping around for all that you’ll need, you can thankfully find it in one quick and easy spot, with the miracle of online shopping. Happy home decorating!