How to Make an Emergency Spare Key with a Tin Can

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Getting an extra key made usually means a trip to a Lowe’s or Home Depot. Occasionally, there’s just not enough time to make a special trip to get a key made. Luckily, with this quick DIY video, you can learn how to make your own spare key right at home.

YouTube user Dave Hax is based out of the United Kingdom and has over 2 million subscribers. His fans love to watch his videos about how to craft useful objects out of simple household items. He uses his own ideas along with older tried and true concepts to make clear and concise videos that make DIY look easy.

For his “Emergency Spare Key” video, Dave Hax begins by holding the object over a flame and ends with a nice replica of it.

Take a look through his channel here. Once you start watching, you won’t be able to stop! There’s something oddly absorbing and satisfying about his videos.

The video for “Rainbow Coloring Pen – Life Hacks for Kid” is another particularly fun clip. It’s so easy; yet, it’s something you’ve probably never thought of doing!