Do You Agree with His Definition of a ‘Real Cowboy’?

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YouTube personality Chad Prather covers all things Southern in his short videos, but do you agree with his definition of a real cowboy?

Taking on the stereotypes that many people outside of Texas seem to have about Texans, Chad Prather’s main goal is to enlighten and educate his audience. He’s a man with strong values and strong opinions, and he’s not afraid of expressing either.

That’s why his video, “What is a REAL cowboy?” is so interesting. You’ll have to watch the whole video below to hear his thoughtful response to that question, the summary is that cowboy is an attitude. It’s a way of life, a set of values, and an understanding of right and wrong.

However, some people in his YouTube comments section disagree with him. There are people whose granddaddies and daddies were real cowboys, waking up before dawn to tend to the livestock on farms, working hard and standing tall when it mattered. They’re arguing that cowboys are a sacred tradition in Texan culture, and calling everyone with the mind to be one is almost disrespectful.

How do you feel about this debate? Do you believe, like so many modern country songs say, that country is a state of mind and an attitude, as opposed to your actual upbringing? Or do you see it a little differently?