Check Out These Expert, Yet Doable, Tie-Dye Techniques

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The weather is heating up and summer festivals and get-togethers are filling up calendars. Why not show up the next barbecue with a fun, artistic tie-dye shirt as a conversation starter? The tie-dye techniques seen in Blossom’s newest DIY video shows three relatively easy methods of creating intricate designs that look more impressive than the run of the mill technique of tying rubber bands randomly over a garment.

The “V-fold” technique looks great with a full rainbow of colors, while the “Shibori Arashi Style” looks surprisingly professional and can even appear sophisticated with darker colors fading into lighter tones. And the final technique seen in the video, which remains nameless, almost looks like scales, perfect to tie into the wildly popular mermaid fashion trend.

Since the Facebook video has reached 51 million views, plenty of experienced tie-dyers have added their two-cents when it comes to the techniques. It does seem like the video left out one important step – adding soda ash to the water while the shirt pre-soaks. Soda ash helps the fabric to hold the dye in for a vibrant, long-lasting design.

If the video moves too quickly to pick up the techniques, read the blog post from here.