Twitterverse Has Spoken: Dodge Ram is the Most Tweeted Truck in Texas

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Autowise scoped out the Twitter universe to see the trends in truck talk and manual transmissions. Apparently, Texas got outranked by Michigan (and four other states) with respect to stick shift tweets. However, the company also ranked the top truck that was most tweeted about by each state, and according to their review (by geotagged tweets), the Lone Star State favors the Dodge Ram 1500.

Missouri, Oklahoma, Washington, and Tennessee followed behind Michigan in tweets about driving manuals. Texas, perhaps, couldn’t care less because automatics have improved over the decades to become more fuel efficient and faster (we do seem to be synonymous with speed).

Twitterverse Has Spoken: Dodge Ram is the Most Tweeted Truck in Texas

Photo: Autowise

Apparently, however, we’re not the only one to favor the Dodge Ram 1500 in terms of our love of trucks. It picked up points in 17 states. The fact that we have a penchant for pickups could give rise to discussion amongst producers as to why the Dodge Ram was the one most tweeted about in Texas. The Ford F150 followed with 11 states under its belt. The Toyota Tacoma came in at third with eight states tweeting about it. Then the midsize Ford Ranger held the fourth spot (being popular in seven states), followed by the Chevrolet Silverado in fifth and the GMC Sierra in sixth. The Dodge Ram is certainly a great truck with plenty of room in the bed for tools and an air compressor.

Before you get all up in arms over whether this research speaks to your love for your truck, cool your heels just a little. One: this was a review of tweets. A social media platform and its demographics of users doesn’t necessarily speak for everyone. And two: the study was accomplished through geotagging, which isn’t scientific, by any stretch, and leaves the data open to a lot of variables. That being said, whether they love or hate manual transmissions, and admire or despise the Dodge Ram 1500, if it was tweeted on, it was reported by Autowise. The Twitterverse has spoken.