Dog Abandoned With Note Saying Owner Went to Jail

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On March 7th, Blanca Anahi Cushman posted a photo to Facebook of a sweet little gray dog her cousin, Maria Jaramillo, found near a Little Caesar’s in South Carolina. WISTV quoted the note as reading,‎ “Free pup. [My] Name is Scooter. [My] Owner went to jail today.”

Jaramillo said that the animal was shaking in fear and confusion while tied to a tree next to dumped out food, two small bowls of water, a duffle bag and the note written on a floor tile. Jaramillo asked Cushman what she should do since there was no way to return the dog home, and she couldn’t bare to leave the scared pup outside as night fell.

Cushman posted the sad photo to a 6,000+ member group called Lost and Found Pets in Columbia SC and surrounding areas. Southeastern Homeless Animals stepped up and asked to take the dog, and another woman transported the pup to the shelter. It took a community of animal lovers to rescue Scooter!

Now, WISTV says that after checking the dog’s microchip, police were able to figure out more of Scooter’s story. Its owner did go to jail, but the dog was given to two people, Raymond Laskowski and Allison Laffere, to look after. Because the two were officially given custody of the pet in front of police and then decided to abandon it, police have an issued an arrest warrant for both of them.