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Dog Brings in Bat in Spring, Texas, Owner Finds Out it was Rabid

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A 3-year-old golden retriever named Bud found a rabid bat in owner Elliot Krolczyk’s backyard in Spring, Texas. Now, the dog will remain in quarantine for three months to make sure he doesn’t have the disease and cannot spread it to another creature.

“It started hissing at me. It showed me its teeth and started hissing at me,” Krolczyk told Click2Houston of when he saw the bat brought that Bud brought in. “Considering I didn’t know it had rabies or not and I know someone who has passed away from rabies, it was really scary for me.”

Krolczyk had the bat tested, and unfortunately, it was positive for rabies. Bud is having a series of shots while he’s watched by Krolczyk.

The CDC says that it’s impossible to tell if a bat has rabies just by glancing at it, but “a bat that is unable to fly and is easily approached could very well be sick.” It’s rather rare for them to have the disease. In fact, only 6 percent of bats that are brought in for testing come back with positive results for rabies. Still, it’s very important to remain very cautious around grounded bats (or any wild animal) since rabies can be fatal to humans, especially when it goes untreated.