Dog Reunited With Owner 3 Days After He Was Swept Down a Canal

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After falling into a canal last Thursday, Rudi, the Bernese mountain dog/retriever mix, was finally reunited with his owner, Jennefer Lloyd, after three whole days.

Rudi was carried by the current of an irrigation canal at a state park in Oregon while in the care of a friend of Lloyd’s since she was out of town. Of course, Lloyd hurried back to Oregon once she heard her poor dog had gone missing.

The Pet Evacuation Team assisted in finding the pup by getting flyers out to campers and farmers in the surrounding communities. P.E.T. is a nonprofit organization that helps people prepare and get through natural disasters with their pets.

Eventually, a man spotted a dog running around his property, and thankfully, he recognized the animal from the flyer.

According to KTVZ, Rudi was reported to be doing well overall “except for several cheatgrass abscesses in all but one paw. A vet check-up Monday also found 13 ticks, mostly on his head.”

It seems that Rudi was able to backtrack and make it around the original area where he got lost at one point, but no one recognized the dog as the lost. Lloyd’s friend thinks that perhaps Rudi was following her voice when she called for him over and over.

Thankfully, through the power of community, the dog and owner are happily reunited.