Dog with Cancer Enjoys Snow One Last Time in Texas

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Spunky, a 12-year-old German shepherd-chow-husky mix, was diagnosed with a quick moving and painful cancer that left Ashley Niels with the hard decision to put her dog to sleep. To make Spunky’s last day special, Niels wanted to bring one of the dog’s favorite things to her front yard – snow.

The next morning, Niels and Spunky sat outside as a snow machine rained down snowflakes onto the pair. They once lived in Wisconsin together where Spunky loved the cold weather.

KSAT reports that Niels spoke to Inside Edition about the event, “To be honest, he was like ‘I’m not really sure what this is.’ It wasn’t cold snow. I think he could see how excited I was, so he thought it was pretty cool. I think he felt all the love we were trying to show him.”

Strangely, Spunky’s appointment had to be canceled due to vet dealing with a family emergency, and Niels noticed that her dog was rebounding a bit by eating, drinking and even running well. For now, it looks like the duo has a bit more time together.

“As long as he’s happy, I don’t really want to take that from him. It makes me happy to be able to spend more time with him,” Niels said with love for her sweet pet.