Dog Goes Nuts When Owner Returns From Tour of Duty

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Dealing with being separated from your loved one is hard for anyone, especially military families.

When a soldier gets deployed, it can be months or even years before he or she gets to be reunited with loved ones. It takes a toll on everyone in the family… and we can’t forget about the pets!

In this adorable video, Emmitt Thunderpaws, the dog, is seen excitedly strolling through his house. He’s caught a scent of something — or someone — very familiar. As he follows the scent, he’s led outside of his house and into the front yard. What he didn’t know was his owner, who had been deployed for nine months, was patiently waiting for him.

After a few moments of bewilderment, Emmitt jumps and engulfs his owner in a huge hug and lots of doggy kisses.

“We’ve taught Emmitt never to jump on anyone and we don’t let him stand on our shoulders because it’s bad for his hips,” Whitney Crowder said in the video’s caption. “So this is quite out of character for him.”

It’s a heartwarming moment caught on film that proves that time and distance can’t stop the relationship between a man and his best furry friend. Click below to watch their adorable reunion.