Lifestyle Releases the Top 100 Male and Female Dog Names for 2017

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We hate spam too, we'll never share your email address recently released the list of the top 100 names for both male and female dogs in the United States for 2017, and you might find some of the names very familiar. This year, the top 10 male names are: “Max, Charlie, Cooper, Buddy, Jack, Rocky, Oliver, Bear, Duke, and Tucker,” while the female names are: “Bella, Lucy, Daisy, Luna, Lola, Sadie, Molly, Maggie, Bailey, and Sophie.” Within these lists, 44 percent of the dog names also show up in the list of 1,000 most popular human names, proving that we think of our pups as more than just pets.

In addition to listing the top names in the state, also accumulated info specifically for Houston and Dallas. Houstonians show an inclination toward Latinx-inspired names and “hipster” names like Sushi and Brooklyn. The names in the top 10 that differ from the national list are “Zeus, Penny, and Milo.”

Dallas dog owners, on the other hand, are choosing to display their love for the Lone Star State by increasingly naming more pups Dallas and Texas. Other patriotic names include “Star, Hope, Liberty, Patriot, and Justice.” Overall, the Dallas list matches up with the national list except for the addition of “Bentley, Chloe, and Zoey.”