Dog Opens Her Gift and Immediately Starts Playing

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Tony Maples Photography


This dog got exactly what she wanted for Christmas, and she even unwrapped the present all by herself!  The precious pooch really knows how to celebrate the holidays, and her family obviously adores her.

After posting the video of the pup joyfully taking part in a human tradition to YouTube, viewers started enjoying the pooch as well. “She got as much fun out of opening her gift as any kid,” commenter Martine said. It really does look like she’s as joyful as a child opening up a Hatchimal on Christmas Day. Except she’s a bit rougher with her gift once it’s open.

Thanks to YouTube uploads like this one, we can sneak a peek inside other people’s homes and realize that we all have the same reaction to our furry friends when they do something cute. The high-pitched voices and chorus of “yay”s seem to be universal ways of showering pets with affection. This dog probably got more attention opening her gift than anyone else in the family!

This video also serves as a great juxtaposition of how dogs feel about lively family gatherings versus cats. See this video for a very different Christmas reaction to unwrapping gifts.