Veterinarians Warn Dog Owners About Outbreak of Bacteria

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Right now, veterinarians are warning pet owners about a bacteria spreading around the Chicago area, but anyone with a dog should be aware of this nasty bacteria referred to as “Lepto-spirosis” or “Lepto.” Fox 32 explains that Lepto enters the dog’s body through the skin and can lead to death.

Many dogs get Leptospirosis from the urine of rodents who spread the disease. Warm weather and rain helps the bacteria to run rampant. Dr. Marks told Fox 32, “Some dogs can be carriers of Lepto where all we see is an increase in thirst and urination or we can see a full blown very severe infection where dogs come in with a fever, they may have yellowing to their skin, they’re vomiting and having diarrhea.” Death can then occur from liver or kidney failure.

KHOU reported about the outbreak last year when flooding was an issue in the Houston area. “I think with our area, the amount of water we have, being on the coast, we’ve got lots of standing water, lots of flooding. Being concerned about it would be a top priority for pet owners.” veterinarian Dr. Ryan Famrer told the news.