Viral Video Shows Dog Swimming Out to Rescue a Fawn in Trouble

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“Storm is trying to save this baby deer…I think he’s trying to save him,” Mark Freeley says that the beginning of his viral Facebook video with over 5.7 million views. His golden retriever, Storm, leapt into the Port Jefferson Harbor off of Long Island and swam toward a frightened fawn. Storm grabbed the deer by the back of its neck and brought it to shore, seeming concerned for its well-being.

Freeley posted a minute-long video as a follow-up of the fawn, saying it “looked ok,” but the New York Times reports that Freeley didn’t leave the deer to fend for itself. He called the Strong Island Animal Rescue League.

When help arrived, the deer ran out into the water once more due to an instinct to flee. It was eventually caught once again and taken in for antibiotics and a healthy dose of baby formula.

Though many see the video as a sweet moment where Storm wanted to save the deer’s life, others say that big dogs often see fawn as chew toys more than friends. But, Freeley said, “I was there, and if anybody knows Storm, they know that’s not in his heart. He is the most gentle, gracious dog you ever want to meet.”