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Dog Rescue Pilot Believed to Have Suffered Lack of Oxygen in Flight

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It’s been identified by local news outlets that a small airplane which recently went missing over the Gulf of Mexico was en route to Central Texas from Oklahoma City in order to pick up a disabled dog and take it back to a foster home in Oklahoma. A spokeswoman for the U.S. Coast Guard identified the pilot as Dr. Bill Kinsinger on Thursday, January 4.

Officials believe that the pilot may have been suffering a lack of oxygen. The small plane stopped responding to air traffic controllers and eventually disappeared over the Gulf of Mexico. Lyle Kelsey, the executive director of the Oklahoma Medical Board, stated that Kinsinger is an anesthesiologist who lives in Edmond, Oklahoma and serves on their board. Monica Marshall has told the press that she coordinates flights for Pilots N Paws, a nonprofit group, and was tracking Kinsinger’s plane on Wednesday, January 3, when radar indicated that it deviated from its course by hundreds of miles. She tried to contact Kinsinger both by text and call, however, she has been unable to reach him.

The plane had taken off from Oklahoma City on Wednesday afternoon and Kinsinger intended to land in Georgetown, Texas, to pick up the dog. But, instead, it kept going. A NORAD spokesman (North American Aerospace Defense Command) identified that two F-16 fighters were launched in Houston to make contact with the plane that day, but despite flying in front of the plane and dropping flares as well as performing other military maneuvers to try to get the pilot’s attention, he appeared unresponsive.