If Your Dog Has This Treat, You Might Want to Throw It Away

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Texas State University student Katie Polone adores her dog, a golden retriever and collie mix named Gatsby. As many pet owners do, Polone gave her pup a small gift for the holidays, a ham bone from the company Butcher’s Bones.

Hours later after opening the gift, Polone noticed that the bone had broken into smaller pieces. She picked it up, but then Gatsby began acting strangely. He began vomiting up bile with shards of bone.

According to KVUE, “When Katie did some research, she found numerous complaints online about the ham bone, which was a product from the company Butcher’s Bones.”

The poor dog had to be rushed to the vet where he received emergency medical treatment. “When we arrived at the clinic the vet took Gatsby back to examine him and came back to tell us the long list of possible complications from severe esophageal lacerations to compaction resulting in surgical removal with a small survival chance.” Christina Cater wrote. She started a GoFundMe page to help pay for Gatsby’s vet bill which reached $400.

Wal-Mart is taking the claims seriously and looking into the issue, while the FDA says that even though bones are available in the pet section of many stores, they don’t recommend giving them to pets.