Dole Whip Mimosas are the Perfect Staycation Drink

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Did you ever wonder what Dole Whip is and why it’s found its way into our social media streams via the top food and drink websites? For those of us who haven’t been to Disneyland or Disney World, Dole Whip is a soft-serve dessert which is pineapple flavored and traditionally served in a glass or a cup of pineapple juice as a type of float. It’s available at Disney properties, the Dole processing plant in Hawaii, and online at the link available here. But why might you be interested in getting your hands on some? Well, for one, it simply tastes delicious. And for two, it helps to create the masterpiece which is Dole Whip Mimosas—your new go-to spring and summer afternoon, porch-sitting thirst-quencher!

Combining one part champagne with one part citrus juice (chilled), the mimosa has been the classic tall-flute cocktail served at weddings, brunches, and to those in first class on airlines and railways. It’s the perfect blend of alcohol and juice to jump start your holidays or kick-off a long weekend of celebrating. Now it comes in so many great flavors and recipes. Originally thought to be created by accident in 1925, by someone at the Hotel Ritz in Paris, it’s now the subject of a variety of drink recipes ranging from citrus juice variations to holiday varieties and now Disney-centric spins. Dole Whip Mimosas came on the scene at Disney on March 30, 2019. The properties were already selling Dole Whip everything, so this was a logical next step—and families everywhere were most likely grateful! Their version is available at Wine Bar George at Disney Springs. Our version doesn’t require that you place an online order, nor that you attend Disney to get the main ingredient. In fact, you can put your feet up in your own Texas back yard, confident in the fact that although you may never set foot on a Disney property, you’ve got the best scenery around and the best way to enjoy it! Created by the food and drink aficionados at Delish, this recipe for Dole Whip Mimosas is simple, quick, and so tasty.


Dole Whip Mimosas are the Perfect Staycation Drink

Key ingredients for this cocktail include:

Pineapple juice

Coconut milk


Whipped topping

Having a fancy, tall flute-shaped glass to serve these in isn’t an absolute must. Although the joy of sipping your Dole Whip Mimosas from something that seems high-class makes enjoying the drink on your porch just that much better. The folks at Delish go as far as rimming their glasses with pineapple juice and sugar, as well as adding a wedge of pineapple for aesthetics, but you can be the judge on what you would like to do in this case. The ingredients, measurements, and details for this drink can be found at the link available here. The final product actually looks more like a dessert than a drink, but then perhaps that’s an even greater part of the appeal. Having anything with pineapple just speaks of spring and summer, holidays, and fun things that you don’t normally have. So these Dole Whip Mimosas just might be your drink of choice if you end up spending the summer close to home as opposed to sharing it with the throngs of others who would end up in a Disney atmosphere with their children or grandkids, on a long, hot day, possibly looking for alcohol… for whatever reason.