Woman Creates Unbelievable Doll Costume With Make-Up

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YouTuber Mirjana Kika Milosevic has fascinated over 70,000 viewers with a video filmed by Dimitrije Milivojevic where she transforms herself into a wooden puppet doll by applying detailed body and face make-up.

She uploaded the original video on July 25th and announced it as the NYX Face Awards Serbia 2016 winner. The 11-minute film shows her starting at her collarbones and working her way down her body and up to her face with a base of make-up that will eventually morph her entire look. It’s incredible to watch her focus right into the camera while she paints on the wooden face. The optical illusion is made even creepier with the suspenseful music!

Unlike many make-up videos on YouTube, this isn’t necessarily a tutorial. Not just anyone can master the look of this intricate costume. Mirjana Kika Milosevic has around 3,000 followers now, but with such amazing work, she’s sure to gain a larger following soon.

BoredPanda featured the video on their YouTube page in a more condensed, under-two-minute version. The original, lengthier video can be seen below as well. Only Milosevic knows how long the process took in reality.

If you find yourself fascinated by Milosevic’s work, check out another one of her optical illusions, a skull/butterfly look.