Donor Gives $50M Toward Trinity River Park Project in Dallas

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According to a recent press release, Annette Simmons donated $50M to The Trinity Trust in order to create a new, 285 acre urban park near downtown Dallas. The Trinity River Park will have winding trails, serene water and five elevated park areas.

Annette’s late husband, Harold Simmons, was the CEO and founder of a holding company called Contran Corporation. The couple gave millions to charity together, and Annette is honoring his memory with her latest donation.

Mayor Mike Rawlings says that by next year, progress on the park should be underway. “This gift changes everything. It has the ability to change the culture and image of our city in the future. And in terms of immediate impact, it transitions us from thinking to doing,” he stated.

But the park isn’t without its negative talking points. As the Dallas Observer points out, Mayor Rawlings admitted that the donation came along with contingencies “including that the park be managed by a private entity that has secured operation and maintenance funds. The funds needed to build the remainder of the park must be raised within the next three years.”

The Dallas Observer brings up the point that the city’s Fair Park had a similar story, and it is now neglected. Hopefully, the beautiful artistic renderings of the new Trinity River Park will become a reality for many years to come.