‘Don’t Mess With Texas’ Coin Worth its Weight in Gold – and Silver

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Proudly displayed along major highways, byway road signs, print ads, as well as ringing out across radio and TV airwaves, “Don’t Mess With Texas” is a marketing slogan that was developed by the Texas Department of Transportation in 1986 and continues to grow in popularity 3 decades later. Recognized around the world, the slogan is, now more than ever, a memorable moniker for the wildly popular anti-littering campaign that has featured such Texas greats as Matthew McConaughey, Willie Nelson, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and George Strait. And why not? It makes perfect “cents.” So much so in fact, that it will now be made available in the form of a one-of-a-kind commemorative coin in partnership with Charitable Mint. And guess what? We now have them for sale on the Authentic Texan website!

The Perfect Gift

Don't Mess With Texas

Photo: Authentic Texan

This endearing keepsake, honoring Texas pride, featuring the state seal on one side and the “Don’t Mess With Texas” slogan on the other promises to be a collector’s item worth its weight in gold (literally) and silver! This unique memento also features the purchaser’s choice of velveteen or well-crafted wooden display boxes (depending on a single coin or collection selection), complete with certificates of authenticity, and with a limited run, is anticipated as being quite popular over the 2016 Thanksgiving and Christmas gift-giving season.

It’s the Gift that Keeps on Giving

Don't Mess With Texas

Photo: Flickr/TSLAC Via CC

Also recognized as a valuable asset to a collector, a portion of sales of the coin will go towards mitigating the annual $30 million state price tag for litter cleanup. And with the state population growing at a rate of 650 people daily, now more than ever the continued focus on clean roadsides, countryside and ultimately the state in general is not only germane but a necessity.

All That Sparkles IS Gold (and Silver)!

Don't Mess With Texas
Photo: Authentic Texan

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