Doppelganger Pitchers Take DNA Test to See if They’re Related

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Brady Feigl and Brady Feigl agreed to take a DNA test to see if they happened to be related. The doppelganger minor league players with the same name– one athlete from the Texas Ranger’s Triple-A club and one from the Oakland A’s Single-A team – were asked by “Inside Edition” to take the test as a result of their names and looks, among other similarities. Thankfully, they had a sense of humor about it. But do you notice any resemblance?

The Oakland A’s minor league pitcher named Brady Feigl stands 6-foot, 4-inches. Coincidentally, the Texas Ranger’s minor league pitcher is also named Brady Feigl, and he too stands 6-foot, 4-inches in height. Both men sport red hair and red beards, and they both like thick glasses. However, one of them is left-handed, according to the report by the popular TV program.)

Doppelganger Pitchers Take DNA Test to See if They’re Related

Photo: Facebook/Ole Miss Baseball

Both men have identified that they have never before met anyone with their same name. And the similarities don’t end there. Both men, through the same doctor, underwent Tommy John surgery and, according to their DNA test, they share an equal amount of German ancestry, at 53 percent. In spite of all of these parallels, however, the pair are not related. The test proved that Brady Fiegl and his doppelganger – Brady Fiegl – didn’t have shared DNA, and that’s where the theories end on whether they might be relatives somehow unknown to each other, discovered through fate or kismet. “We’re still brothers in a way,” the Texas Rangers Brady Feigl told Oakland A’s Brady Feigl responded: “And we’re always going to be Brady Feigl.”