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Texas Man Finds Dozens of Rattlesnakes Under his Shed in Viral Video

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A video by a man from Gorman, Texas, has gone viral since it was posted to Facebook in late December. Bobby Cowan was visibly shocked to discover over 30 rattlesnakes taking refuge beneath a dilapidated shed on his ranch property, and the video of his reaction has been viewed close to 4 million times. Cowan, together with two of his friends, was working on a windmill when they spotted a rattlesnake slithering toward shelter beneath the old hunting shed. This prompted them to make use of a machine to lift the structure in search of it, leading to the creepy discovery of not one, but dozens of them. Needless to say, the trio was “freaked out,” according to an interview Cowan gave to a local paper.

The surprise left the men a bit shaken, as can be imagined. According to Cowan, they were shocked, and as soon as they lifted the shed and saw the crowded snake den, they immediately dropped it back down. Gathering their courage, the group opted to lift the shed again, allowing Matt Stanley, one of Cowan’s friends, to capture the Facebook video footage you see here.

Video: Facebook/Bobby-Jessica Cowan

Posted on Bobby-Jessica Cowan’s Facebook page, the footage is enough to give the chills to a sufferer of ophidiophobia. Bobby stated to local press that over the life of the Gorman ranch property, he’s only ever seen a “handful” of snakes. So this was a bit of a surprise. Following the video, the three men employed garbage cans and long sticks to remove the rattlesnakes and have them relocated to a different part of the property, away from livestock. At his last count, Cowan thought it was 36 snakes in total but added that there might have been close to 50.

How would you react to finding this many snakes under your shed?  Would you burn it down and run, or handle it calmly?