Dr Pepper Chocolate Sauce is Exactly What the Doctor Ordered

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If you call yourself Texan, the likelihood that you have a fascination with all things Dr Pepper is probably strong. Waco, Texas, is the home of the original Dr Pepper brand and bottling facility, based on the formula developed through the brilliance of Charles Alderton. These 23 flavors were blended perfectly by a pharmacist who created a true Texas classic. At the very least, it tastes incredible, and wanting to enjoy it in a variety of recipes has become a passion for those from the Lone Star State. Everything from brownies to pork has had Dr Pepper incorporated, but what if you’re looking for a cool treat for those hot spring and summer days? Well, believe it or not, there’s a cure for what ails you. It’s Dr Pepper Chocolate Sauce that you can pour lovingly over your fresh vanilla ice cream!

Tonia Larson, owner, photographer, and content creator for The Gunny Sack website, has produced a recipe for Dr Pepper Chocolate Sauce that’s based on her own self-proclaimed “addiction” to the stuff. Hers is an interest in the diet version, which despite being made slightly different from the original, still has that phenomenal taste you’ve come to recognize. In the process of trying to combine her love of the popular Texas drink with another favorite—chocolate—she landed on this gem that brings having a sundae to a whole new level!


Dr Pepper Chocolate Sauce is Exactly What the Doctor Ordered

Photo: Facebook/Dr Pepper

Key ingredients for this recipe include:

Chocolate frosting

Dr Pepper

The Gunny Sack site shares the ingredient amounts and the full method for making this divine Dr Pepper Chocolate Sauce, for which Tonia uses regular and not the diet version of the drink. The fact that it’s been incorporated into a brownie recipe and cake products before would typically mean it could go well with a chocolate flavoring, but the sauce concept will truly make you facepalm. (As in, “Why hadn’t I thought of this before?”) Her genius concept is so simple and makes such sense, you’re going to want to keep it on hand for plenty of future use. But if you count Dr Pepper as a staple in your house (not to mention chocolate frosting… because, really, who can live without either?!), then you won’t have a problem whipping up a batch on a whim! Try it over some of your favorite ice cream, or perhaps in a fruit fondue! Can you imagine bananas, cantaloupe, and even strawberries dipped into this stuff? The Dr Pepper possibilities are endless.