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Dr Pepper Drinking Donkey Goes Missing for 2 Years and Mysteriously Returns Home

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Hershel Pearson takes great care of every animal on his ranch in Paradise, Texas (about 40 miles northwest from Fort Worth). Sadly about two years ago when he was feeding his cattle, he noticed that one creature who was always first in line for food, Oscar the Donkey, was missing. After searching for Oscar all around his property and at animal shelters for months, he couldn’t find him…for another two years!

Now, NBC DFW reports that Oscar has miraculously returned. A couple of weeks ago, Pearson went outside and Oscar was there waiting as if he had never left. Like KTSA writes, there was only one way to be sure that the donkey was indeed Oscar and not a coincidental look-alike. Pearson brought out a can of Dr Pepper, Oscar’s favorite treat, and offered it to the donkey. He happily drank it down like a true Texan!

“I don’t know if he was on a space mission or went to the moon or what. There ain’t no explanation that I can come up with,” Pearson told NBC DFW.

Watching Oscar gulp down a Dr Pepper is quite the sight, so do yourself and favor and click on the tweet below to check out NBC DFW’s video. Dr Pepper should probably consider hiring Oscar for an ad!