Dr Pepper Licorice is a Thing, and You’ve Got to Try It

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The makers of Dr Pepper have gone and done it again! Our favorite Texas drink has now been amalgamated with another sugary treat we enjoyed as children—it’s licorice Dr Pepper! The soda’s unique blend of 23 flavors now graces licorice which is available on Amazon, in packages that hold approximately 21 of these unique treats!

Made using the actual drink, itself, the candy measures at roughly five inches in length. Once you try one, you’re most likely to have another and another and so on. Before you know it, this soda-flavored candy will be gone, and you’ll be back on Amazon pressing the “buy now” button.

Dr Pepper Licorice is a Thing, and You've Got to Try It

Photo: Facebook/Dr Pepper

The five-ounce bag of this licorice is a step in the right direction for people who love this Texas soda favorite which was originally Waco-based. In fact, the original bottling factory and the Dr Pepper Museum are something you can still visit there today! Earlier this year we shared the story that, for a limited time, you could get a Whataburger Dr Pepper Shake, and people went wild over it! It was quite possibily the most Texan thing you could think of. This may not rank as far up there, but you have to admit, it’s something we could get used to!

Dr Pepper Licorice is a Thing, and You've Got to Try It

Photo: Facebook/Kaysi Salinas

Other than that pleasant pairing, together with this Dr Pepper licorice, there’s also a unique Dr Pepper cotton candy you’ll want to try. Heck, we put it in our barbecue, in our baking, and we even drink it hot! Those of you who are self-proclaimed Dr Pepper fans will want to get on the bandwagon with this new product A.S.A.P. The likelihood that they’ll see a run on sales in Texas is high!

Have you tried licorice Dr Pepper? Is it the tasty treat of your dreams? Let us know your thoughts!