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Dr Pepper Launches Petition to Become the Official Soft Drink of Texas

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There’s no drink more ironically Texan than Dr Pepper, and if the Dr Pepper company has their way, it could soon become the official soft drink of the Lone Star State. Dr Pepper recently launched a petition on asking lawmakers to make it the official soft drink of Texas. With an initial goal of 15,000 signatures, the petition garnered over 10,000 signatures in its first three days. It currently boasts 17,768 and counting.

Whether you love the taste of a Dr Pepper ice cream float on a hot summer afternoon or a cup of hot Dr Pepper to help you wake up on a winter morning, Texans love their favorite syrupy soda. Dr Pepper was invented in Waco, Texas, by pharmacist Charles Alderton. At that time, customers would ask for a “Waco.” The inventor of this incredible elixir worked at a drug store owned by a gentleman named Wade Morrison, and according to legend, it was Morrison who named the beverage after the father of a young lady he once loved. Up until the 1950s, the “Dr” featured a period after it, before the brand decided to drop it.

Dr Pepper Launches Petition to Become the Official Soft Drink of Texas

Photo: Facebook/Dr Pepper

In addition to the new petition, Dr Pepper has revealed it will be launching a “heritage celebration.” The celebration will feature over a dozen unique labels on 20-ounce bottles that will showcase famous Texas landmarks. The special bottles will be exclusive to Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, and Waco. If you’re one of the lucky Dr Pepper fans to get one of the special bottles sporting a field of bluebonnets, your favorite drink just might taste all the sweeter for it!

The location of Dr Pepper’s first bottling plant, Waco is home to the Dr Pepper Museum. Since 1991, Dr Pepper fans can visit the museum which houses the original drug store where the drink was first served. There’s also a replica bottling line, vintage soda fountain, and loads of retro signage and memorabilia. The Dr Pepper Museum is a must-visit for any Texan.

Sign the petition to make Dr Pepper the official soft drink of Texas by visiting this link.