2 Vibrant Women Dress, Decorate Completely in One Color

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You’ve never heard such a kind, softly spoken voice as Elizabeth Sweetheart’s. This gentle New York artist is known for one of her most obvious attributes that one would notice before she even opens her mouth – she dresses completely in green. Not only that, Sweetheart also has decorated her home in all green accessories.

A video by Great Big Story takes us into her home where shades of lime to almost-teal adorn every shelf and drawer. Sweetheart has even become a minor celebrity for her color choice, and people ask to take selfies with her on the street.

On the other side of the U.S. in Los Angeles lives “The Pink Lady of Hollywood” Kitten Kay Sera. Like Sweetheart, she’s chosen to dedicate her life to one color. She even dyes her white pooch a shade of pink! Sera also has a sunny disposition, finding happiness in color and the joy it brings other people, as well. As a performer, Sera seems to have a much more extroverted personality compared to Sweetheart that perhaps fits her love for fun, loud pink as opposed to Sweetheart’s nature-connected, serene green.

Now, if only someone would get these two together and film their reaction…