Tootling Around With Your Toes: Is Barefoot Driving Legal in Texas?

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It’s like an urban legend. No one knows where the notion came from, but many people think that driving without shoes on is illegal, but according to KHOU’s investigation, it’s completely fine. Anderson Injury Lawyers says on their website that going for a drive barefoot is legal in all 50 states.

The only catch is if the driver is involved in an accident. Then the fact that they weren’t wearing shoes might come in to play in regards to safety. “…the other driver (and their insurance company) could use it as an argument against you and pin you at fault for the wreck. Similarly, if you were in a car accident and the other driver wasn’t wearing shoes, it’s worth discussing with your attorney. They could be charged with negligence,” Anderson Injury Lawyers writes. Some risks associated with driving without shoes include your foot slipping and decreased braking force.

But many people feel strongly about the benefits of driving without shoes on. There’s even a website called that lists the benefits of removing one’s shoes before going for a drive. They say it’s more comfortable, enables quicker reaction time, and can help drivers “feel the road” better. The site also points out that it’s safer than wearing flip flops while driving which could fall off and become lodged under the pedals.