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Drop Everything, Grab the Family and Head to Austin Jugglefest

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Looking for a family-friendly event in Austin? Look no further than the Austin Jugglefest held at the Texas School for the Deaf February 23rd through the 25th. On the 25th year, jugglers, unicyclists and other folks with special talents (or an interest in adopting an interesting talent) will converge in Austin to share techniques and coach one another on some super-specialized, circus-style talents.

Juggling Experts and Novices Welcome

Austin Jugglefest

Photo: Facebook/TexasJugglingSociety

Featuring over 20 hours of workshops, games, and demonstrations, the whole family is sure to enjoy this entertaining weekend. The good news is that you don’t have to be a seasoned juggler to participate in the Austin Jugglefest! Novices are encouraged to attend and pick up some “tricks of the trade,” from professionals.

The event is hosted by the Texas Juggling Society. The Texas Juggling Society meets weekly in Austin, and members exchange tips and tricks while socializing and networking. The Texas Juggling Society is committed to furthering an appreciation for juggling and the “circus arts” among its members and society. They offer support and guidance to those pursuing the circus arts as a career or merely a hobby.

History of Juggling

history of juggling
Photo: Flickr/Chris Beckett

Evidence of humans juggling dates back to Ancient Egypt, where depictions of jugglers were found in the Beni-Hassan tombs. Most of the Egyptian jugglers and acrobats depicted in these tombs appear to be women. Ancient Greek culture also hints at the popularity of jugglers and dancers for entertainment. During ancient times, juggling appears to have been presented alongside magic shows. In the nineteenth century, juggling began to stand-alone and more closely resembled the juggling that we know in the modern age. Since the 1950s, juggling has proven to be popular among street and circus performers and even for the amateur, recreational enthusiasts.

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