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Drop Zone Cafe Has Great Tex-Mex and Deep Military Roots

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Eavesdropping is not a hobby, but sometimes neighbor conversations help with new discoveries. Enter the Drop Zone Café, located at 1804 East Carson Street in San Antonio, just off I-35. Positioned outside of historical Fort Sam Houston at the Walters’ Entrance, this delicious and patriotic eatery specializes in classic Tex-Mex food, desserts made from scratch, and friendly service. Open Monday through Friday 6 a.m. – 3 p.m., and on Saturdays from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., both locals and visitors take great delight in their extensive food offerings at competitive prices.

Drop Zone Cafe Has Great Tex-Mex and Deep Military Roots

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The Drop Zone Café is the lifelong dream of Command Sergeant Major, US Army, Retired, Eduardo “Ed” Fernandez to have a place for friends to gather. Encouraged by his wife, Esperanza “Hope” Elizondo-Fernandez, they purchased two rundown buildings in 1991, and Ed took on the project, which kept him busy until Hope retired from her civil service job at Fort Sam Houston. The name Drop Zone, a designated place which paratroopers parachute into, is a nod to the service of Ed and his fellow paratroopers with the American Airborne Forces.

Drop Zone Cafe Has Great Tex-Mex and Deep Military Roots

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With a start from Ed and his friend, Sergeant Major, US Army Retired, Benito V. Guerrero, the walls of Drop Zone are now decorated with photographs and military recognition, including WWII, Korea, Dominican Republic, Vietnam, Granada, Panama, (Gulf Wars) Desert Shield, Desert Storm, Iraq, and Afghanistan. These wars also are shown in the establishment’s logo. The Drop Zone Café officially opened on February 1, 1994, the day after Hope’s retirement. Today, it is open to all the military organizations and is home of the Alamo Silver Wings Airborne (ASWAA). Go for a daily lunch special or try the Gordita plate. The Drop Zone Café will keep your stomach full and your mind sharp. Hungry civilians are also welcome!