The Basics of Dutch Oven Cooking: Delicious Meals in the Great Outdoors

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With over 63,000 views in this third of a three-part video series, Texas Parks and Wildlife have hit the ball out of the park with their “Dutch Oven Cooking 3: Gourmet Meals.” Showing a variety of foods that can be cooked and served in the great outdoors, using locally-sourced ingredients, these videos are the perfect tutorials for those interested in trying their hand at Dutch oven cooking.

This particular video focuses on Quiche Lorraine, Cornish Game Hen, and a Beef Tenderloin recipe that will definitely make your mouth water. And what do they finish the meal off with? Nothing less than peach cobbler – which, as you well know, can be made with the great bounty of fresh Texas Hill Country peaches that are now in season!

As the host of the video explains, what it’s really all about is “…cooking on an open fire, sittin’ here with all your good friends, getting ready to have a great, fabulous meal…” That statement couldn’t be truer than if it was handed down directly from those famous cooks on the long-gone days of the Texas cattle drives. The two prior videos on Dutch Oven cooking, which lead up to the one above, are provided at their respective links, here and here. If you’ve yet to try your hand at this wonderful outdoor cooking technique, Texas Parks and Wildlife do a great job of showing you some basic recipes that have such amazingly great taste!