Texas Bald Eagle Gives Birth to Baby Eaglets

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Tony Maples Photography


High in a 200-pound nest in Seagoville sits an eagle family with tiny new eaglets that have recently hatched.

Just outside of Dallas, the John Bunker Sands Wetland Center was the relocated home to a pair of North Texas bald eagles that have mated for years. Now, the two eagles have become parents to their second set of eaglets since 2014.

Though it is unclear by the photographs how many eaglets there are in the nest, the company that performed the relocation and has since followed up with the eagles, Oncor, reported to WFAA, “it appears that both mom and dad have been feeding some hungry mouths.”

The parents’ nest was moved in 2014 after it was discovered next to a high-power transmission line that was actually part of the structure holding the nest up. Moving the nest to another nesting tower in the Wetland Center was a no-brainer and since, the eagles have adapted wonderfully.

In March 2015, the pair hatched their first egg, proving that they feel their new home is safe. We hope this little eagle family is happy, healthy, and free from harm’s way this week as severe storms roll in.