San Antonio Staple Earl Abel’s Reopens At Their New Location

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Earl Abel’s restaurant has a long, interesting history in the city of San Antonio. As it reads on their website, the eatery was first opened on Main Street in 1933 by Abel himself. He was looking for a new line of work since the Great Depression and the popularity of “talkies” had hurt his job as a silent film organist. Abel opened several other locations, including one at Broadway and Hildebrand, which remained open until 2006. It was then that the restaurant moved to a different location on Austin Highway. Now, announces that Earl Abel’s has reached its next location – 1639 Broadway near The Pearl.

For over three months, Earl Abel’s was closed as they moved. Their new location is a bit different according to It’s “about half the size, and the busy murals showing the restaurant’s history have been replaced by bold rooster graphics. Instead of table service, customers will place orders at the front counter before heading out to a dozen or so upholstered booths,” they write. But fans of the restaurant will be happy to know that they’re still offering their famous fried chicken, country-fried steak, and pies galore that have kept Earl Abel’s a San Antonio institution for nearly 85 years!