This Texas BBQ Joint’s Most Frequent Customer is a Dog Named Jake

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Circle H Bar-B-Q & Grill could set their clocks by their favorite four-legged fan. Jake the dog is a fixture at this East Texas joint.

The drive-thru at Circle H Bar-B-Q & Grill in Emory, Texas is a popular place. No customer, however, is as memorable as Jake the dog. The 11-year-old pup shows up in the drive-thru every day for his favorite treat: a rib bone. The best part? Jake isn’t expected to have money on him, so he gets it for free.

Josh Hines told My East Texas that he always serves Jake and that, “Everybody knows Jake. He’s definitely the town mascot.” Hines only gives Jake the rib bones because he knows the other selections aren’t as healthy for the old boy.

Their canine pal shows up around three in the afternoon and will patiently wait near the line until it’s empty. Jake the dog isn’t a stray and is in fact owned by the kind family at Parmer’s Automotive. He’s the shop mascot there, too. So how does he get to Circle H? Well, it’s right next door.

Jake is seen napping in truck beds post-barbecue, which is a feeling that we can all relate to. There’s nothing like a post-barbecue nap.