Seal a Bag Air-Tight without a Vacuum Sealer in this DIY Video

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With over 400,000 views, YouTube channel SeriousEats teaches us how to DIY vacuum seal a bag in under one minute with no fancy equipment.

As their YouTube page says, SeriousEats focuses on “celebrating and sharing food enthusiasm through blogs and online community.” Of course, one way to celebrate food is to cut down on food waste by increasing how long you can keep your food fresh. Vacuum sealing your food can keep it tasting great for much longer than a plastic bag full of air.

This video details a surprisingly easy method that will leave you wondering, “Why didn’t I think of that?” It eliminates any of the bacteria you would leave behind if you were to do the other trick of sucking air out from the bag.

Basically, all you will need is a Ziploc bag full of whatever it is you’re trying to preserve and a tub of water. Of course, this method won’t be completely air-free, but it’s perfect in a pinch. It’s an accessible life hack for those who do not want to invest in a vacuum sealer. You could even use it on articles of clothing you’re storing and want to keep tidy and moth-free.