Eating Chocolate Makes You Smarter, Says Study

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Chocolate lovers, unite! It turns out that eating chocolate more than once a week can actually make you smarter, according to a new University of Maine study, titled “Chocolate intake is associated with better cognitive function: The Maine-Syracuse Longitudinal Study”.

The researchers in the study found that cocoa intake is correlated with an improved cognitive function. Within a focus group of 968 adults without dementia, the researchers tracked their daily diets over months and even looked at their chocolate intake.

From those who consumed chocolate and cocoa products at least once a week, “all cognitive scores were significantly higher…than in those who never/rarely consumed chocolate,” according to TreeHugger, who reported on the study.

The cause for this increase in brain function, scientists believe, is related to the flavonoids in the sweet treat that tend to increase memory, alertness, and information processing in the brain. The study, however, does also state that these results may also be attributed to the fact that chocolate in seen as a special treat, and so isn’t widely available for individuals of lower income since it isn’t a necessity.

If that is the case, then the results of better cognitive awareness would probably be attributed to other factors, such as education level or the like. For now, though, we’re just keep believing chocolate makes you smarter, because it does!