Eating Healthy Shouldn’t Have to Taste Bad: Some Surprising Tips

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Although New Year’s Day has come and gone, and your willpower toward your resolutions may already be waning, we’ve got some helpful advice. If you, like many others from Texas resolved to exercise more and eat healthy foods, there are a lot of online resources which can move you easily along that path. Eating healthy shouldn’t have to taste bad. Bestie is a YouTube channel that speaks to “Health. Love. Hacks. Facts,” and they have a video on “9 Of The Most Nutrient Dense Foods On The Planet” that can help.

“Have you been getting the proper nutrition? It’s easy to lose track of given all the tempting junk food out there these days. There are some foods with more nutrients than others. Let’s discuss them,” the video post by Bestie explains. Covering such food items as almonds, cauliflower, and broccoli (the last two of which see an enormous amount of recipe posts on social media), Bestie’s video on nutrient dense foods makes eating healthy a breeze. All you need is to become informed. Work with the best foods out there and find recipes that encourage you to either incorporate them or make them the main event!

Video: YouTube/Bestie

Potatoes make the list of most nutrient-dense foods on Earth in the video above. You know how many times you’ve eaten those over the course of your lifetime! There are so many great recipes that use this root vegetable at their heart that you’ll never run out of ideas. Liver, salmon, brussels sprouts, and blueberries round out the Bestie list of “9 Of The Most Nutrient Dense Foods On The Planet,” making it easy for you to have a quick go-to resource for food items that will help you stay on track in the eating healthy department. Although it’s probably the least popular food on the list, liver makes it on there for being packed with nutrients. Eating healthy can still be done, whether you enjoy every item on this list or not. And a selection of recipes that makes use of the foods that are talked about here can be found on any online search engine. Happy new year and welcome to new opportunities to keep healthy and staying fit!